Boerboel protection dogs are some of the best protection dogs you can find!

Arya is one of our South African Boerboels. She was born at the end of 2019 and has had a wonderful life with a family. She is extremely sweet and well trained. She knows exactly how to throw her weight around when the bad guys show up. She is all business and worth her weight in gold when it comes to your safety. She is also very well behaved and will fit in with a family life-style because she loves being your friend and protector. This Fawn colored girl is going to make someone an excellent protection dog and family pet.

Boerboels have been bred to protect farms in remote areas of Africa from large predators. Larger than any predator that is going to be at your home or place of business, but the incredible thing about this breed is that they are very intelligent, intimidating, and calm. That means they are just as adept at laying down and chilling as they are at keeping any predators away from you and your family. Their calmness and intelligence make them the perfect dog for protecting you because they were bred for protection, so it is in their DNA. We refine that drive with commands that you use to tell her exactly what you want. She will readily sit and relax when asked to, but she will also be on watch at all times to make sure there are no threats to your safety.

No matter where you are at on your journey to owning a protection dog, contact us to ask any questions you may have.