Gemma is our beautiful and strong Cane Corso. She has gorgeous coloring and will be thrilled to be your loyal companion and protector. She bonds easily with her trainers and will bond seamlessly with her owner and new family. As a Cane Corso it is not in her nature to be overly friendly and excited with every new person she meets. Her personality shines through when she is with the people she loves, and she is more reserved when she is meeting new people, be it on a walk or at her home. She is extremely alert to all new people in every situation and stands guard against any foul movement.

Gemma has excelled in all of her protection and obedience training. She has exceeded our expectations for her with flying colors and we have helped her become the protection dog she was born to be. All of our dogs love their work, it’s part of their assessment to become a protection dog. But Gemma lives for this work. She is so protective and loyal that her training to become a protection dog has really magnified her already wonderful personality. We can’t wait for Gemma to find her perfect home to love and protect. She is an absolute joy to be around (unless you’re a threat).

We deliver worldwide and spend ample time with you, ensuring there is a seamless transition to you as the handler and owner.

Cane Corso Protection

People often assume large dogs can be protective but that is not always true. So, are Cane Corsos protective? Cani Corsi, often referred to as Cane Corsos, are extremely protective. They are born with very strong protective instincts. They bond fiercely with their owners and their top priority becomes to protect their owners and trainers at all costs. Cane Corsos are eager to please, loyal and provide a large presence.

Cane Corsos have been used for centuries as war dogs, guard dogs, herd guards and protection dogs. They have been bred to maintain their large presence and protective mindset. These dogs need training and early socialization to become well rounded and well adapted protection dogs.

When do Cane Corsos become protective?

Cane Corsos start showing their protective tendencies very early in puppyhood but don’t truly display all of their protective instincts or act on their protective behavioral tendencies until 12 months to 18 months. Before this year mark, training and behavioral focus should be spent on socialization and the well roundedness of the dog, as the protection instincts will come through strong sometime after that year mark. Having a well trained and well socialized Cane Corso puppy at 12 months ensures that work and training after their protective behaviors kick in can be focused on protection training.

Cane Corso Protection Training

Since these dogs are built protectors, Cane Corso protection training focuses on harnessing that energy and training the dog to manage its fiery spirit. Even though these dogs are extremely protective, they still need to learn protection commands, high obedience commands, and how to recognize a threat vs a non threat. They go through hundreds of hours of training to harness their instincts of correctly identifying friend or foe and learning how to alert and protect.

Raised in Homes

Early socialization is crucial with these gentle giants, they are adaptable and well rounded dogs when given the opportunity to be around children and other animals early in their lives. A Cane Corso raised in a family setting or in a home becomes way more well adapted and socialized than a Cane Corso raised in a less optimal situation.

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