Protection Dog Profile: Zeus

Beautiful, well-mannered, and powerful perfectly describes Zeus, our 15-month-old, fully-trained Protection and Companion dog. His confirmation is absolutely perfect, and he has a beautiful black and tan coat with a striking black face. Zeus is very well behaved whether you’re relaxing at home, taking a walk, or running errands.  He was raised in a family setting, and gets along perfectly with children of all ages.  Zeus is obedience trained on and off leash, is good with other animals, and is loving with both adults and children.  He is house trained and has impeccable manners indoors as well as outdoors, but Zeus can also be fun and goofy while playing with people and other dogs.  He is eager to please and eager to protect you with his powerful bite.  This dog has it all, and is there to protect his owners night and day.  Give us a call to discuss this amazing dog and to find out more about him.

German Shepherds originated in Germany as a medium to large working dog.  We normally refer to them as “German Shepherds”, which is the breed’s official name.  The breed originated in 1899, which is considered a relatively new breed.  The dogs were developed originally for sheep herding, but because of their many amazing characteristics—including obedience, intelligence, strength, and trainability—have since been used for many other types of work.  Now, German Shepherds are typically used in search-and-rescue missions, police work, military roles, as service dogs, and as protection dogs.  German Shepherds are loving and loyal to their families, and are calm and gentle when raised and trained properly.


Although Zeus is sold, we have many other German Shepherd protection dogs for you to fall in love with! Contact us for info on all of our available dogs!