You may be wondering: “What do these different protection dog terms mean?”

The terms Executive Protection dog, Personal Protection dog, and Family Protection dog designate what your lifestyle is, and not what our dogs are capable of doing.  Our dogs are trained for any aspect that your lifestyle entails.  We can accomplish this because we have our own in-house team of trainers who train our dogs to be capable of tasks that involve Corporate Executives, Full-time parents, or someone who lives alone, as well as Service or Medical dogs.  Our dogs will readily fit into your lifestyle because they are already fully competent in all aspects of training that will keep you safe.

All of our dogs receive basic on-leash and off-leash training as well as advanced protection training. Our dogs are all raised in a loving home. Any of our dogs can have additional training added to meet your specific needs and desires. We select only the BEST dogs for our training program. This means that they must have “drive” and must be highly intelligent. It doesn’t matter how smart a dog is if it doesn’t have drive because it won’t keep you safe, and if the dog isn’t highly intelligent, it won’t know how to read a threat and neutralize that threat in the best way possible.  WHY INTEGRITY K9 SERVICES IS BETTER THAN THE COMPETITION

We train our dogs to be able to fit into any of the following lifestyles because you never know when your lifestyle might change. You don’t want to have to change dogs because you got married, had kids, got divorced, changed jobs, relocated, or developed a medical condition. Some specific medical conditions will need additional training, but once your dog has been trained by us, additional training, such as diabetes detection, is flawless.

Lifestyle Scenario #1:  If you are a corporate executive who flies around the country and you want to feel protected while traveling or while holding meetings in your office or other various places, you can be assured that our dogs are trained to accompany you and keep you safe without any problems. Your dog will be extremely well behaved and do exactly what you tell him. Whether you want him to sit next to you during your meeting or ten feet away from you, he will sit there until you release him from that position. He won’t whine or whimper or try to get up and run around because he has been trained to do this and has practiced it often. He is well trained in these types of situations. If you ride the elevator, he will keep his nose to himself and stay by your side. If you need to run up the stairs, he will do that, too. If you need him to accompany you on a plane, he has already done that, and will behave.  Our clients often tell us that our dogs get compliments of being the best behaved dogs everywhere they take them.

Lifestyle Scenario #2:  If you are a parent and spend a lot of time at home with your children and want to be protected from the bad guys day and night, our dogs are trained to do that. If you need to run errands with your children, your dog is ready to fill that role and protect you while you and your family are out and about, either when driving a car or walking to the park. If you receive deliveries at your home, your dog will be on alert to make sure that it’s really the delivery person and not a home invasion threat that has come to your door.

Lifestyle Scenario #3:  If you live alone and want peace of mind when you are in bed, watching TV, reading a book, or fixing dinner, your Integrity K9 Services protection dog is there with you, making sure you’re safe from any intruders.  If you like to run, hike, or ride a bike, your dog will do those activities with you too, because he has already done them and knows how to behave in public while you’re out having a good time. Your good time just got better because you have your Integrity K9 protection dog with you keeping you safe!

Lifestyle Scenario #4:  If you have a medical condition (such as diabetes or panic attacks), your Integrity K9 dog will alert you or others ahead of a blood sugar spike or panic attack so that you can head off the event with medicine or be comforted as needed.  If you have physical disabilities, your dog will help with your mobility, retrieve objects for you, turn lights on and off, and get help for you if needed.

Here at Integrity K9 Services, we know that there are more than just four Lifestyles, but because we have complete control of training your dog, we can adapt and adjust the training as needed so that you and your dog are a perfect fit.

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