According to the FBI’s statistics, over 1.25 million people fell victim to a violent crime last year.  But, even against those odds, you’re not without a line of defense.
Read on to learn why you should invest in an executive protection dog for yourself and your loved ones.

You Often Travel for Work
Most executive-level jobs require a fair amount of travel for business. But what happens at your home when you’re not there?
For many, the answer is a simple “I don’t know.”
While you’re on the road, you deserve to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is safely being watched over at home.  And for those who need an extra bit of protection for themselves, executive protection dogs make great travel partners.  In fact, executive protection dogs are trained to handle situations that would stress out other dogs, such as flying, long car rides, public transportation or other methods of travel.
Your dog will come trained to listen to your every command, whether that means scouting out the road ahead or keeping you company as you await your next meeting.

You Need an Extra Layer of Security at Home
You set your security alarm, shut the door, turn the key and turn to leave and run errands.  The problem is, the alarm won’t protect you from someone who is lurking outside your home in the bushes, and who wants to do harm to you or your family.
When you have an Integrity K9 Services Protection dog, you don’t have to worry about walking to your car, to your mailbox or to pick up the newspaper.  Your dog is with you, keeping you safe.  In fact, if there’s someone hiding outside, waiting for you to leave your home so they can either approach you or are waiting for you to leave so they can go inside, your Integrity K9 Services Protection dog will alert you to the threat BEFORE you go outside.
Our dogs are trained to be attentive and on duty at all times. They smell the threat and react before you can see anyone who would be a problem.  That way, you stay safely inside and the dog keeps the bad guy outside.  Typically, when a bad guy sees our dogs in action, they hit the trail to look for easier marks.  Your dog will be fully engaged in barking, snarling and holding its ground against the guy on the other side of the door or window.
If the bad guy is stupid enough to try and force entry, your Integrity K9 Services Protection dog is right there keeping him out and keeping you safe.  Safer than the police can keep you, safer than a gun can keep you and safer than an alarm system can keep you.
Our dogs are trained to keep you safe.  That’s their job, they love their job, and they will love you.

Protection Dogs Make Will be Your Best Friend
The friendship between mankind and canine dates back centuries. While executives demand high-quality, state of the art protection, everyone needs companionship.
Protection dogs make excellent pets, too. Our Integrity K9 Protection dogs are trained to protect you when there’s a threat.  The rest of the time, they are your loving and loyal companion; playing ball, going on hikes, running alongside you while you’re biking, going boating with you, riding in your car, and chilling with you while you read or relax.
You are at no risk doing normal everyday things with your protection dog, but the bad guys are immediately at risk because the minute there’s a threat, your dog gets down to the business of protecting you and your family.
Our dogs are raised in loving homes and understand the pack order of family life.  They know their place and are well behaved.  They look to you for love and affection and in return they are loyal, loving and take excellent care of you while keeping you safe.