Cane Corso Protection Dog: Emmy

Emmy is a female, Cane Corso. Her coloring is black brindle, and she is very striking. She is so sweet, loving and playful. She loves to cuddle and will sit quietly by your side while she keeps you company. She is also quite the personal protection dog. She is extremely powerful and doesn’t let anyone or anything get through her to you! She has a WOW factor that’s off the charts with her personality and ability to protect. Emmy is quick to respond to commands and wants to please. She is a quiet girl and will sit by your side while you watch TV or talk on the phone, but she is always on alert and ready to jump to your defense when she detects a threat.

The Cane Corso breed is the Bodyguard of the dog world. They are intimidating, just like a low-key, large and powerful body guard is. Cane Corsos date back to Roman times and were the chosen breed of the rich and powerful.  These large, alert and brave dogs are rippling with muscles. They are intelligent and fiercely loyal to their owners.