Protection Dog Profile: Bear

Bear is a beautiful, standard size poodle that has been raised in a family setting since the day she was born.  Her breeder only has one litter a year, and from the day they are born, her three adorable children interact and play with the puppies in their home for ten weeks before they are sold.  We acquired Bear because she has a spunky personality, is very intelligent, and has the drive we were looking for to make her the perfect Protection dog. After we acquired her, she spent the next six months living with another family with five children who loved and played with her daily.

Bear does well both inside and outside, and she gets along well with all other animals, including dogs, goats, chickens, miniature horses, and miniature donkeys, having interacted with them throughout her life.  She’s a farm girl at heart, but feels right at home in the city, too!  She loves to go shopping and visit a good restaurant.  She sits pretty and waits for your command to release her before she goes anywhere or plays with anyone!  She has a beautiful, no shedding, hypoallergenic coat, and she loves bath time!  She has been professionally groomed since she was 12 weeks old, and the groomers say she is very well behaved and a sweetheart to groom.

Bear is very obedient on and off leash and has been trained to protect you and your loved ones.  She has an amazing attention to detail and walks by your side like she means to take care of you.  She may look like a dainty poodle, but she is all business when a bad guy approaches.  She has impressive bites, grips, and releases.  With her bared teeth, deep bark, and planted legs, she is a formidable obstacle for anyone wanting to get to you.  Bear has a remarkable drive to keep you safe!

Bear has a pedigree and up to date shot records starting from 8-weeks-old.  She is also microchipped, spayed, and ready to become your new companion!

Poodles are a highly intelligent breed and are very skillful in various activities.  People are acquainted with them from the past as circus performers, but they are also quite formidable trackers and herders.  They have amazing agility, and excel in obedience and show qualities, having taken top honors in many conformation shows.  Poodles also excel as assistance dogs due to their calm nature.  Drawings of the poodle breed date back to the 15th and 16th centuries by German artist Albrecht Durer, who established the popular image of the breed.  Poodles were the pet to have in the late 18th century Spain, and were also prominent in paintings by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya. During the reign of Louis XVI, toy poodles were the pampered favorites of France.  Poodles eventually made their way from the European continent to England and then elsewhere across the ocean to become one of the more highly favorited dog breeds worldwide.