Protection Dog Profile: Bud

Bud is our reverse brindle, American Bulldog. His markings are incredible. But that’s only the beginning of his great attributes. Like all of our dogs, Bud was rained in a family setting so that he knows his place in the family pack and is there to be your most trusted pet and protector. Bud is ready to work and loves training.  He is a gentle giant with a hard bite.  He is so affectionate and also very protective. Bud gets along with other animals and is great with kids. He wants to be your best friend and is very loyal. Bud also has a silly side to his personality. He is affectionate and fun loving, so you won’t be bored. He loves to play games and go for walks or runs. You can take him with you wherever you go because he is just a happy go lucky, well behaved guy. Well, he is happy go lucky until someone crosses the line and poses a threat. Then he becomes the master protection dog with power and a super strong bite that isn’t going to go well for the bad guys. With his striking looks and great personality, you can’t go wrong with this amazing American Bulldog personal protection dog.

American Bulldogs are gentle and affectionate and usually considered to be similar in personality to the very sweet English Bulldogs, however they are larger than their English cousins. American Bulldogs are lap dogs just as much as their English cousins though. American Bulldogs love children and aren’t afraid to show it with their protective instincts.  They are gentle and understanding and very tolerant. They require minimal grooming because of their short coat. They are fearless and generally known as being heroic to their owners. They are perfect for personal protection training because of their natural instincts and sweet personalities.