American Bulldog Harley

Harley comes from the most incredible bloodlines that Dr. Ellinger developed himself. She is highly intelligent, sweet, and playful. She was born at the beginning of 2019 and is full of energy. Her obedience training is excellent, and she is well on her way to be a wonderful protection dog. She is good with children and other animals and she loves to play with other dogs and her family.  Harley is one of the best American Bulldogs for sale you will find!

Obedience Training

Harley has excelled in all of her training including obedience training. She is quick to listen and quick to obey her trainer’s commands. She can detect threat vs friend before you even know someone is there, and she has excelled in all of her alert, guard and protecting training.

American Bulldog Training

American Bulldogs are working dogs! They make great family and companion dogs and are more active and need more exercise than their close relative, the English Bulldog. American Bulldogs love having a job and love being trained for a specific task. All of our dogs go through intense high obedience training as well as protection training. Our American Bulldogs have all been raised in family settings to ensure that they have had the best upbringing as possible so that they are happy, healthy and ready to be the best protection dog for you and your family. We train our American Bulldogs to be perfect on leash as well as off leash. You have enough going on in your life that worrying about your American Bulldog training isn’t something you need to add to your list of to-dos. This is why we are passionate about our American Bulldog training. Our mission is to provide fully trained protection dogs to be a value added to your family. Our dogs have all been trained to put their owners first, to protect them and to ensure safety for you and your loved ones.

American Bulldogs are instinctively protective, loyal and large dogs. Their training ensures that all these instincts are honed in a way that ensures they can detects threats, guard, alert, protect their owners and listen to your every command. American Bulldog training starts young. These puppies are born ready to work, although as puppies their “work” looks a lot different than when they are around 9 months old. As puppies they learn socialization skills that will help them be well rounded and well adapted adults.